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Children with learning disabilities require special attention and care to be able to live their childhood to the fullest. Families find it challenging to find an educational center they can trust – a place where their child can receive the right education and dedication.
Founded in January 2010 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, DARB Center provides children with learning disabilities with the best in professional care. A specially tailored environment enables every child to learn and interact at the hands of a team of experts. This helps in supporting children’s development and progress while granting their families a peace of mind.


Darb Center aims at making a positive difference in the lives of children with any learning disability by providing a learning and social experience that contributes to their ongoing development.


Darb Center is specialized in providing the highest quality care, education, and services that help develop children with any learning disability and support their families.


  • To assess, diagnose, and treat all our children as individuals.
  • To provide a continuum of quality care.
  • To provide the maximum level of support tailored to your child’s individual needs.
  • To enhance your child’s learning experience through the right intervention expertise.
  • To make your child’s learning experience fun with positive reinforcement techniques.
  • To NEVER discourage any child for any reason.
  • To establish and maintain communication with parents and caretakers.
  • To provide, home programs and activities to ensure that your child’s learning development is continuous.


Highest quality of provided care, environment, and facilities.

Full dedication to the development and wellbeing of every child.

The highest level of respect towards the children, their parents and caretakers, and amongst team members.

Full responsibility towards children throughout their presence at DARB and during all its related programs.